Anthropocene Solutions brings together sustainable business operations, effective government affairs and proven nonprofit management to provide corporations and nonprofits expert solutions and tools to reduce their social and ecological footprint while serving their core mission. We specialize in helping organizations build sustainability into those core missions, while seeing results throughout the organization.

Nonprofit Management

We provide management services for small nonprofits that want to run in a manner that is ecologically sound and socially impactful.


  • Full-service management
  • Interim executive director and senior management services
  • Governance consulting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Fundraising
  • Events
  • Sustainability (see Sustainability)


We identify inefficiencies within your organization that can be managed sustainably to both have long term impact on future resource availability as well reducing current resource consumption, personnel work life balance all resulting in achieving the People, Planet and Profit, also known as the “Triple Bottom Line”.

Government Affairs

We can represent your organization’s needs at the federal level both tracking legislation and regulations as well as advocating for policies that advance environmental and social sustainability.